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EFT for Veterans Paper published

I just published another paper: “Wholistic Healing through Energy Psychology (EP) for Veterans” in the peer reviewed International Journal For Healing and Caring. To make a difference for returning troops and their families, EFTers need to understand military culture and the uniqueness of their trauma.

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Operation: Emotional Freedom EFT for Veterans Film

Operation: Emotional Freedom shows the power of war trauma and the power of EFT. This film has the potential to change the world of many Veterans and their families who are currently struggling with the aftermath of deployment, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, anger and rage, grief, avoidance and re-experiencing. caution: IT CONTAINS TRIGGERING AND VERY GRAPHIC […]

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EFT4Vets will be presented at the ACEP Conference in San Diego

In San Diego, I will not only speak about how to use EFT Tapping effectively, which was demonstrated so well in the research that we have and the filming of the documentary in San Francisco. But I will also put great emphasize on teaching some principals of the military mindset, military values, limitations and open […]

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Women 14% of US Armed Forces and 5% of Homeless Vet Population

For every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan there are about nine who were wounded, compared to only three per death in previous conflicts (Boston Globe). Over 120 American women have been killed and 600 have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan (Philadelphia Enquirer). Women make up about 5% of the homeless veteran population, roughly […]

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EFT for Veterans Study nearing completion

The EFT study for Veterans is nearing completion, and the results are convincing. EFT is showing to be an effective and easy to apply tool to heal war trauma.

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