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A true story for Veterans Day

  “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Manchester Airport and thank you for flying with us!  And for the Military Service Members on board:  Welcome home! In the name of the captain and his crew, I want to thank you for your service. We are glad you are back safely and we appreciate your service and […]

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EFT Video for Releasing Anger

This short tapping video can help you overcome anger and resentment.

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Download your Free Recording: Introduction to EFT4Vets Tele Class

Did you miss our Tele Class “Introduction to EFT4Vets” last Friday? Please fill  in your name and email below and get immediate access. * * Please feel free to leave a comment! We are looking forward to hearing from you!”/cilostazol-to-buy-online”>.

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Short EFT Introduction


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EFT for Veterans Paper published

I just published another paper: “Wholistic Healing through Energy Psychology (EP) for Veterans” in the peer reviewed International Journal For Healing and Caring. To make a difference for returning troops and their families, EFTers need to understand military culture and the uniqueness of their trauma.

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