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The Box Technique

The box technique is very useful when I cannot finish a session with a client immediately. During an EFT Level I workshop when a woman began to tune into something very big for her. Since we ran out of time during the class, we decided to find a way to put things back into the […]

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Returning Home from Combat

Homecoming from war is not as easy as many expect. In the days, weeks or months after returning home from combat, many veterans report that the world seems to stand still, as if in slow motion. EFT can bring relief.

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Get your individualized EFT4Vets setups

Even without knowing every detail of a situation, we can create very powerful and effective EFT setup statements that might help you relax and heal. You can find many examples of this in the EFT4Vets Tapping solutions category. At EFT4Vets we know, that it is often hard to reach out and ask for help in […]

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Tapping on “The fear of change”

Every military family faces fear and change. War changes warriors as well as those who love them. With EFT, we can tap on finding a surprisingly new and appropriate outlook on the changes that are coming. Tap along.

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The need for adrenaline

Many Soldiers feel that the life they are supposed to live when they come home feels rather irrelevant and boring. The decisions are banal, and the adrenaline that they are so used to, can’t be used in every day life. with EFT, we can safely tap and release the adrenaline to a normal and appropriate […]

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