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Do Veterans only suffer from PTSD symptoms?

If we truly want to help veterans heal, we have to find a way to take the charge out of the memories, not just tranquilize the stress symptoms. Skillful and insightful EFT coaching can often do this in a respectful, gentle and effective way.

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As a Vietnam Veteran I see that if we could get people who come right from the zone and teach them how to tap, they wouldn’t have to go through 40 years of shit like I had to.

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When does a warrior deserve healing?

EFT4Vets stands for helping ALL Veterans and their families, regardless of a diagnosis or known, severe trauma. EFT is a coaching tool that can be easily learned by anybody, even children. If a soldier needs mental health services, EFT doesn’t have to be stopped, as it does not contradict the support someone might get from […]

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