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Anger Management for PTSD: Three Steps to Transforming Rage with EFT Coaching- EFT Podcast

Anger Management is a very important skill for returning troops and their families, as well as those who want to help them. In my experience, rage happens when a person had to endure situations that are unforgivable, inexcusable and that violate what he/she believes in. I have yest to see a soldier that is not […]

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Veterans with PTSD don’t like to ask civilians for help – EFT PTSD

Asking for help is almost impossible for many Veterans. And it seems to be more acceptable for the military to see their traumatized veterans self medicate with alcohol and drugs, than to give them access to information that can help them heal and be strong again.

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How military families can use EFT to help Veterans with PTSD

We need to rethink the support that we offer the Veterans and returning troops, and include helping and supporting those who are currently carrying the majority of the load: The Families, military buddies, friends and community members. New healing techniques that don’t require a background in mental health, but rather focus on the soldier’s description […]

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Getting Veterans help, one person at a time

When I first started working with Veterans, I was stunned to find out how hard it was to reach out and offer even a free EFT session. No matter who I talked to, The VAs and Vet Centers, VFWs and many military and non military veterans organizations, there was no interest. I was usually recognized […]

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A free service for soldiers disappears…

I just received the email below from Chris Hagey. Chris has started www.probonoforsoldiers.com to offer free services to returning servicemembers and their families. It was a project that was created with much idealism, and other practitioners signed up to help. However, after two years, she is now closing the website, as the response from soldiers […]

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