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Do Veterans only suffer from PTSD symptoms?

If we truly want to help veterans heal, we have to find a way to take the charge out of the memories, not just tranquilize the stress symptoms. Skillful and insightful EFT coaching can often do this in a respectful, gentle and effective way.

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Military Veterans benefits through free community resources

I was told this week that the Military deals with the well being of the soldiers internally and they don’t need outside help. Given the 18 suicides per day that the military has to justify these days, I find this policy to be questionable. I know massage therapists, chiropractors and business owners who are happy […]

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A new approach to Healing Veterans with war trauma

Joe, USMC: “I am not asking for anything other than that you healers don’t give up; continue to approach the Veteran. Plant the seed early. It took me 35 plus years to discover/acknowledge that I had anything wrong with me. Many of the things that are wrong with me can be cared for with EFT. […]

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Women 14% of US Armed Forces and 5% of Homeless Vet Population

For every soldier killed in Iraq and Afghanistan there are about nine who were wounded, compared to only three per death in previous conflicts (Boston Globe). Over 120 American women have been killed and 600 have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan (Philadelphia Enquirer). Women make up about 5% of the homeless veteran population, roughly […]

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Getting EFT into the VA

Before approaching the VA about EFT4Vets, it is important to understand the hirarchy and flow of information.

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