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Some more thoughts to ponder…

War has always been part of human life and history. War lives on in those who have lost their soul, their trust, their feeling of safety. War is a constant companion of those who are forced to live a life that is far removed from what they had dreamed of, planned for and deserve. And […]

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When does a warrior deserve healing?

EFT4Vets stands for helping ALL Veterans and their families, regardless of a diagnosis or known, severe trauma. EFT is a coaching tool that can be easily learned by anybody, even children. If a soldier needs mental health services, EFT doesn’t have to be stopped, as it does not contradict the support someone might get from […]

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EFT – a true solution for war trauma

Statistics show that most Veterans ask their immediate private surrounding, their families and buddies, for help with their war trauma. But are those ley people prepared for this important taks? EFT can be easily and effectively taught and applied, even by spouses with no background in mental health.

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