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EFT for Veterans Study nearing completion

The EFT study for Veterans is nearing completion, and the results are convincing. EFT is showing to be an effective and easy to apply tool to heal war trauma.

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Why EFT4Vets is for all Veterans and their families

EFT4Vets doesn’t judge, doesn’t condone and doesn’t excuse what happens or happened, it helps HEAL what happened. In a surprisingle simple and effective way, we honor the memories, thoughts and feelings, as well as their physical manifestation, and releasing the response by tapping on 8 designated release points on the physical body.

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Tapping on “The fear of change”

Every military family faces fear and change. War changes warriors as well as those who love them. With EFT, we can tap on finding a surprisingly new and appropriate outlook on the changes that are coming. Tap along.

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EFT – a true solution for war trauma

Statistics show that most Veterans ask their immediate private surrounding, their families and buddies, for help with their war trauma. But are those ley people prepared for this important taks? EFT can be easily and effectively taught and applied, even by spouses with no background in mental health.

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