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No warrior comes back unchanged – no warrior should have to deal with this alone…EFT PTSD

I believe that we need to change the way we think about war exposure, and acknowledge that nobody comes back unchanged. Nobody comes back unchanged – nobody should have to deal with this alone.

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The EFT Movement for Healing Veterans

When I first came across Gary Craig’s EFT in early 2002, I immediately recognized it as not just a new and powerful approach to healing that can be used by laypersons all over the world, as well as by practitioners and healing professionals, but also the beginning of a healing movement as has never been […]

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Why EFT4Vets is for all Veterans and their families

EFT4Vets doesn’t judge, doesn’t condone and doesn’t excuse what happens or happened, it helps HEAL what happened. In a surprisingle simple and effective way, we honor the memories, thoughts and feelings, as well as their physical manifestation, and releasing the response by tapping on 8 designated release points on the physical body.

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Tapping on “The fear of change”

Every military family faces fear and change. War changes warriors as well as those who love them. With EFT, we can tap on finding a surprisingly new and appropriate outlook on the changes that are coming. Tap along.

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The need for adrenaline

Many Soldiers feel that the life they are supposed to live when they come home feels rather irrelevant and boring. The decisions are banal, and the adrenaline that they are so used to, can’t be used in every day life. with EFT, we can safely tap and release the adrenaline to a normal and appropriate […]

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