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How military families heal a Veteran

Research shows that most Veterans prefer to talk to a family member or buddy over talking to a professional. When I first began to help Veterans with EFT, I needed to understand as much as possible why this would be the case, what it is that makes Veterans feel that they get more healing from […]

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Feeling “Boxed in”

In Theater, many soldiers experience a kind of adrenaline rush and freedom in a way that is rather impossible to have at home. After returning home, many soldiers report that they feel like everything here is in slow motion. There is no adrenaline rush, and the importance of many everyday decisions seems to be irrelevant, […]

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Healing without Excuses

When working with unforgivable trauma and despair, I find it important to not offer excuses for what happened. In my experience, Veterans don’t want to hear that there is something good about a kid that died in a cross fire, about the accidental death of civilians, or anybody, for that matter. Instead, we use EFT […]

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Tapping without the fear of judgment

As EFT practitioners, we don’t judge, we don’t condone, and we don’t excuse what happened in the past, we help HEAL what happened. All of us have a deeply ingrained fear of judgment of our actions. The fear of judgment is often greater than the fear of  failure, and it stops us from moving forward […]

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