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Military Veterans benefits through free community resources

I was told this week that the Military deals with the well being of the soldiers internally and they don’t need outside help. Given the 18 suicides per day that the military has to justify these days, I find this policy to be questionable. I know massage therapists, chiropractors and business owners who are happy […]

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I wish that I could find a place…

Vietnam Veterans poem: I wish that I could find a place…where I could heal and regain faith in myself, and again feel the joy and happiness that I so long ago lost – displaced by despair and hopelessness.where I am accepted without judgment, and where I am loved for who I am.A place where forgiveness […]

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EFT for Veterans Study nearing completion

The EFT study for Veterans is nearing completion, and the results are convincing. EFT is showing to be an effective and easy to apply tool to heal war trauma.

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Why EFT4Vets is for all Veterans and their families

EFT4Vets doesn’t judge, doesn’t condone and doesn’t excuse what happens or happened, it helps HEAL what happened. In a surprisingle simple and effective way, we honor the memories, thoughts and feelings, as well as their physical manifestation, and releasing the response by tapping on 8 designated release points on the physical body.

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Tapping on “The fear of change”

Every military family faces fear and change. War changes warriors as well as those who love them. With EFT, we can tap on finding a surprisingly new and appropriate outlook on the changes that are coming. Tap along.

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