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Interview with Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver about EFT and Healing PTSD

Listen to this exclusive interview with Bob Culver, one of our Vietnam Veterans who have been using EFT for their PTSD and war trauma.

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Do Veterans only suffer from PTSD symptoms?

If we truly want to help veterans heal, we have to find a way to take the charge out of the memories, not just tranquilize the stress symptoms. Skillful and insightful EFT coaching can often do this in a respectful, gentle and effective way.

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EFT PTSD and military families

Could it be that healing PTSD on the soul level means recognizing and acknowledging a soldier without judgment, without condoning or excusing what happened, but with the compassionate, open mind of someone who cares? Teaching EFT to those who are currently carrying such a huge load of healing and responsibility for the well being of […]

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