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Why is it so tough to reach out to Veterans?

The military community in general is not exactly open and excited about healing offers. Most Veterans acknowledge the work and express gratitude, but are far from asking for help for themselves. If we want to make a difference on a larger scale, we need to understand that the toughest thing for helping Veterans heal is […]

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No warrior comes back unchanged – no warrior should have to deal with this alone…EFT PTSD

I believe that we need to change the way we think about war exposure, and acknowledge that nobody comes back unchanged. Nobody comes back unchanged – nobody should have to deal with this alone.

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Update from “Robert”

Robert and I did another EFT session on numerous of the issues he has been through as a Vietnam combat medic and paramedic. I just received this email from him: “I’m singing the praises of you and EFT everywhere I go… Amazing. I’m down to 1 and a half vicodine a day; when I met […]

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