Recording – Introduction to EFT4Vets TC 3-18-11

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4 Responses to “Recording – Introduction to EFT4Vets TC 3-18-11”

  1. Dear Bill, it is an honor to have you listen to the program . Thank you for your service and for the service you are giving so freely to others in need of EFT.
    I think that your question and comment is so relevant that I would like to write a blogpost about this, so others can see it as well and join our discussion.
    Thank you so much for your determination to help this and other Veterans! It makes all the difference!

  2. Thank you Ingrid. You shared some excellent info., I took lots of notes but having the recording will be very helpful also.

  3. Bill Spiller at

    If I meet a Vet (young) at a social event and I suspect he may be using alchohol to avoid war memories, how do I approach him or should I on the possiblities of EFT.

  4. Bill Spiller at

    Hi Ingreid,

    I just finished listening to the pod cast you sent me on the intro to EFT and PTSD for Vets. I learned a great deal. I am a Vietnam Vet myself and a CERT-1 EFT person. I do not use EFT for income as I do not charge for my services. I have worked with civilian and Veteran clients. I have been doing so for 3 years.

    I have a question. I was recently talking to an active duty reservist about 27 years old. He has served two duty deployments to Iraq. He commented that the previous night he had drank 3/4 of a fifth of whiskey. We were at the local VFW and he was already on his 3rd whiskey and Sprite in a tall glass. I felt certain he was avoiding war memories by his drinking. My question is this, how would I get to know more to see if EFT might help him? I did not know where to start and maybe it wasn’t the right place or my place to go there anyway at that time.

    Thank you for your work and your sharing,

    Bill Spiller