As you get deeper into EFT, you will find that the EFT community is a very kind and generous group. We love to share what we know, and we often do this free of charge or for a relatively small fee.

There are lots of protocols and tapping videos available on this site, as well as on my blog

There is even a  free 7 day e-course that will hellp you get started.

Please take advantage of these resources. They are here for you, so that you can increase your learning and your success.

EFT works best in the combination of being a self help tool and working with a  coach when you get stuck.

Please listen to Bob Culver’s testimonial – other testimonials are soon to follow, to learn how a Vietnam veteran uses EFT in his daily life.

Please come back here often.

We care about you and are interested in learning more  about what you need.

Ingrid Dinter

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