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7 Responses to “Contact us”

  1. Lisa Carbone at

    Nova Southeastern University – FLORIDA
    Impact of Yoga Therapy on Veterans with PTSD


    This research study attempts to determine whether yoga is an effective intervention to reduce PTSD symptoms in veterans.

    Must be 18 or over with veteran status
    Physician/VA approval required to participate in program

    Each participant will receive a t-shirt and yoga mat.
    Additional yoga sessions will be available at no charge.

    If you are interested, please inquire here.
    Lisa Fuller, EdD
    Principal Investigator at (954) 262-8295 or Email:

  2. Thanks Richard for sharing this! You are great, and I trust that many will find this very helpful!

  3. Richard at


    Here is a link to access A Warriors Guide To Insanity, it is a very good read, that many of our brothers and sisters can relate to.

    I feel reading this will inspire many to seek help, and also give a great deal of insight to therapists dealing with PTSD.

    Sgt Brandi offers a free audio book on this site.

    Blessings to All

  4. Rob at

    I’m looking for EFT practitioner contacts related to the case of a Delta-1-5 Veteran, looking for anyone who might help introduce “Pellet” to EFT.

    Allan Pelletier served under Lieutenant Green, “Arizona” territory, Liberty Bridge, etc.,

    Al had a PTSD experience when I just tried to show him that Gary Craig: “6 Days At The VA” video on DVD.

    It was a “trigger” for Al (I didn’t know – until then).

    THANK you – anyone who may help.


  5. Dear Linda,
    thanks for taking the time to write to me. As I understand the negative vs.positive reminder phrases, it is actually quite simple: Every word/thought we have carries a vibration. If you think “Apple” you think and vibrate well – “Apple”.
    If you think “I don’t want to think about “Apple” – , what are you thinking about?…
    The resonance or vibration of “Apple” is with you, no matter if you think about it in a positive or negative way. Does this make sense?

    If you think” I want to heal” you get into alignment with that statement.
    If you tap on “I don’t know how to heal”, you do the same thing. Whenever you realize that you don’t know ow to heal, you think about healing. Can you see how this feels true?
    Even though we don’t know how to do or be something, we still vibrate with that outcome.
    Maybe another way to put it is that we tap with hope, which aligns us with the positive outcome, even if we don’t know how to get there yet.
    I don’t know if this answers your question. Please let me know!

  6. linda steinfeldt at

    Hi Ingrid,
    As a newbie to EFT I am thrilled that Gary’s work lives on through you and all of the EFT community.
    You recently wrote an article about tapping on the negative which left me a little confused.
    It seems important to tap on being willing to release a specific past event as well as accept a specific future goal,
    however the tapping on the negative I’m interested in is using the word (concept) of “not” in your set up and reminder phrases. I hear Gary Craig use it sometimes “Even though I am NOT the person who…” and I’ve been told that the subconscious doesn’t really hear the word “NOT”, but instead makes the thing true as a positive statement, like they talk about in The Secret. Can you clarify for me, personally or in the form of another article for the world to see, about the use of the negative form of thought in your set ups and reminder phrases? I really appreciate it. And by the way, thanks for doing the work with vets – what a great thing you are doing for some really great people!

    All the best,

    Linda Steinfeldt

  7. Lance Cul[p at

    Hello Ingrid,

    It was a pleasure to talk with you today. As a Vietnam War veteran and a long time user of EFT, I greatly appreciate the efforts that you have made on behalf of the veterans of all wars.

    During the Vietnam War, I served with one of the rifle platoons of the 1st Battalion 1st Marine Division. My experiences in Vietnam made it quite apparent to me that in addition to physical wounds, war can also inflict horrific emotional wounds. I only wish we had had EFT back then. The more people who learn about this wonderful tool the better off we will all be, veterans and non veterans alike.

    I look forward to seeing veterans’ communities develop that will actively embrace EFT and explore the potential it affords them to grow both spiritually and intellectually. But early indications are that it will, in fact, be an uphill battle in order to convince them of its great value.

    My experience suggests a great reluctance on the part of veterans to reach out for help of any kind, especially when it involves their emotional and spiritual lives. To many of them, acknowledging problems is a sign of weakness. But I’m sure that I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

    For a number of years, I was quite active with a group of vets in Pittsburgh; however, my involvement with that particular group was terminated when I moved out of the city. (Presently, I reside approximately 22 miles south of Pittsburgh.)

    Toward the end of our phone conversation, you mentioned that you were going to be interviewed later in the day. Will that interview be made available over your website? If it will be on you site, I will want to listen to it.

    Anyway, I will be regularly visiting your forum and perhaps post there. And I, certainly, look forward to having more talks with you. After I finish this missive, I will register for your newsletter.

    Thank you again for all that you have done.


    Lance K. Culp

    Here’s my contact information:

    Landline Phone: 724 873 0848
    Cell phone: (This is in the process of being changed.)

    Snail mail:

    Lance K. Culp
    122 Smith Street
    Canonsburg, Pa 15317