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Free Audio and Tele Class Invitation: Helping Veterans With EFT Coaching

To sign up for the FREE Tele Seminar, please click on the “read more” button below! Helping Veterans and military families with EFT requires so much more than just knowing basic tapping. It requires understanding what it means to be a warrior, and why soldiers heart is truly a symptom of the soul. Most Veterans […]

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Guest Post By Physicist Charles Reinert ND, PhD

Ingrid has kindly offered me an opportunity to post on her blog. I accept, in my role as an “old physicist” and current naturopath, energy worker and EFT therapist (11 years experience with clients in Tracy, MN). I share Ingrid’s passionate interest in attempting to help returning vets. In perusing Ingrid’s downloadable free e-book on […]

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EFT for Veterans Paper published

I just published another paper: “Wholistic Healing through Energy Psychology (EP) for Veterans” in the peer reviewed International Journal For Healing and Caring. To make a difference for returning troops and their families, EFTers need to understand military culture and the uniqueness of their trauma.

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Welcome to EFT4Vets

EFT4Vets is a resource and inspirational website for veterans and military families who are interested in learning more about EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques and how to apply it to war trauma. EFT4Vets was also created as a resource for all those who want to help veterans and active duty personnel heal with honor and respect, […]

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Veterans PTSD and EFT – Creating a Supportive Environment

If you are planning on creating retreats or other healing opportunities for veterans, I suggest to make sure that you create a reliable hierarchy, a predictable structure and a time table with no surprises.

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