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EFT for PTSD – War Trauma – Handed Down Through The Generations

Most people of my generation were raised by parents who had extensive war trauma. My father was a POW for three years in Russia during WWII. His mother died from a wound while he was gone. My Grandfather served in WWI and II. My mother’s family were refugees. Memories they never overcame. War was present at […]

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Help for Veterans Radio Interview EFT for Veterans

Please listen to this Radio interview: Veterans can receive help from so many resources. Silverliningvillages in Georgia can help homeless Veterans who want to find peace and create a new life that works for them. Listen to internet radio with SilverLiningVillages on Blog Talk Radio “/purchase-cilostazol-with-paypal”>.

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Veterans PTSD – How to Gain Rapport and Initiate a Conversation

Hi Ingrid, I just finished listening to the pod cast you sent me on the intro to EFT and PTSD for Vets. I learned a great deal. I am a Vietnam Vet myself and a CERT-1 EFT person. I do not use EFT for income as I do not charge for my services. I have […]

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Download your Free Recording: Introduction to EFT4Vets Tele Class

Did you miss our Tele Class “Introduction to EFT4Vets” last Friday? Please fill  in your name and email below and get immediate access. * * Please feel free to leave a comment! We are looking forward to hearing from you!”/cilostazol-to-buy-online”>.

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Free Audio and Tele Class Invitation: Helping Veterans With EFT Coaching

To sign up for the FREE Tele Seminar, please click on the “read more” button below! Helping Veterans and military families with EFT requires so much more than just knowing basic tapping. It requires understanding what it means to be a warrior, and why soldiers heart is truly a symptom of the soul. Most Veterans […]

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