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EFT…a miracle for Veterans? A Testimonial from a Vietnam Veteran

After 40 years of suffering from guilt and a feeling of inadequacy, I finally realized that my “job” as am medic with my first patient in Vietnam who was one of five victims from a direct hit by an RPG (rocket propelled grenade), was to be with him, comfort and reassure him while he was […]

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A Vietnam Veteran’s complex healing story

Most Veterans cases that I work with with EFT coaching are very complex, spanning over childhood trauma, often abuse, neglect, abandonment, through trauma with peers, boot camp, war experience, returning home and all the relationship and every day issues that result from this. It never fails to surprise me to see how thoroughly and lastingly […]

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Parachute accident: A Vietnam Veteran’s healing story

Gordon, a Vietnam Veteran, suffers from insomnia and nightmares, hyper vigilance, numbness, feelings of undeservingness and low self esteem, loss of interest, lack of energy and angry outbursts. Even though Gordon received medication from the VA, he was still haunted by traumatic memories from Vietnam, which made his life very difficult. With EFT, he relaeased […]

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