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A true story for Veterans Day

  “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Manchester Airport and thank you for flying with us!  And for the Military Service Members on board:  Welcome home! In the name of the captain and his crew, I want to thank you for your service. We are glad you are back safely and we appreciate your service and […]

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14 Easy Steps To Help Military Families, Not Just On Thanksgiving

Imagine the relief overseas, when deployed soldiers know that their families are supported by their communities. Here is a checklist of how to set this up.

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Some more thoughts to ponder…

War has always been part of human life and history. War lives on in those who have lost their soul, their trust, their feeling of safety. War is a constant companion of those who are forced to live a life that is far removed from what they had dreamed of, planned for and deserve. And […]

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Some thoughts to ponder…

War is the result of a mindset of separation. As long as we believe and live as if we were separated from each other, and focus our actions on our differences instead of what we have in common, we will not be able to overcome war as a means to solve conflicts.

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Giving and receiving: What Bob’s story teaches us

Accepting help is more difficult than helping others. Bob’s courage to reach out when he needed it makes him an exceptional role model for many Veterans who are trying to deal with their trauma and past alone.

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