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Returning home from combat

Returning home from combat is not as easy as many expect. Thinking of home feels wonderful: a safe and comfortable place, where things will “sort themselves out”. Many veterans can’t wait to get on the plane and head home, and neither can their relatives. But in the weeks and months ahead, many soldiers face great […]

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How military families heal a Veteran

Research shows that most Veterans prefer to talk to a family member or buddy over talking to a professional. When I first began to help Veterans with EFT, I needed to understand as much as possible why this would be the case, what it is that makes Veterans feel that they get more healing from […]

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Veterans deserving support and healing

Many Veterans believe that they were “one of  the lucky ones”, and that help and support should only go to those who have “really suffered”. But the exposure to war changes everybody, and accepting help and support in coping with this is neccessary and important.

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More on giving and receiving – a Veterans’ skill

Giving and receiving have to be in harmony. As much as helping others is our human responsibility, being helped and supported by others is the other task. Once we accept help, we learn that true forgiveness is possible and that the consequence of forgiveness is always more freedom and peace.

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Returning from Vietnam

One major trauma that most of my Vietnam Veterans share is how they were welcomed home after a long and often horrifying deployment. Clearing this trauma is important, and can open the doors to better trust and healing. It is important for us practitioners to understand that for a warrior, this kind of welcome is […]

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