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The meaning of honor and sacrifice for military soldiers

When I started offering free services to servicemen and -women, it struck me how low the response was. e as EFT coaches have to earn the trust and respect one person at a time. Knowing EFT alone does not help a Veteran feel safe with us. Understanding the value of honor and sacrifice in the […]

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Veterans don’t talk politics

One of the biggest “turn offs” for most Veterans and active duty personel is, when people begin to talk politics in their presence.

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The Box Technique

The box technique is very useful when I cannot finish a session with a client immediately. During an EFT Level I workshop when a woman began to tune into something very big for her. Since we ran out of time during the class, we decided to find a way to put things back into the […]

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Veterans healing from betrayal and anger

Many Veterans have a deeply ingrained feeling of betrayal and anger about it. As a healing practitioner, it is important that we honor and acknowledge this experience and feeling. Betrayal has many faces, but no matter what someone has experienced, he or she will most likely feel anger and rage about it. When a Veteran […]

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Returning Home from Combat

Homecoming from war is not as easy as many expect. In the days, weeks or months after returning home from combat, many veterans report that the world seems to stand still, as if in slow motion. EFT can bring relief.

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