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What is Brotherhood – Four Powerful Facts About PTSD From War Correspondent Sebastian Junger

Please watch this Ted talk:   It will help you understand better why young men want to re-enlist, and the power of brotherhood in war. You will understand better that combat isn’t something that civilians can really understand unless they have been there. I believe that this mindset: Knowing where our place is as […]

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EFT For Emergency Response – DBHRT Presentation

On February 8th, I was invited by the DBHRT, the Disaster Behavior Health Response Team of New Hampshire, to give a presentation about how to use EFT in shelters. As a DBHRT Team Leader, I am grateful that EFT is now available to Behavior Health Volunteers in the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Since […]

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Anger Management for PTSD: Three Steps to Transforming Rage with EFT Coaching- EFT Podcast

Anger Management is a very important skill for returning troops and their families, as well as those who want to help them. In my experience, rage happens when a person had to endure situations that are unforgivable, inexcusable and that violate what he/she believes in. I have yest to see a soldier that is not […]

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Interview with Vietnam Veteran Bob Culver about EFT and Healing PTSD

Listen to this exclusive interview with Bob Culver, one of our Vietnam Veterans who have been using EFT for their PTSD and war trauma.

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Understanding Emotional Triggers of War Trauma

When helping Veterans, we have to be extremely mindful not to expose them to unintentional triggers. Depending on the trauma that someone has been through, even a change I voice, a picture of a depressed person or certain sounds or smells can trigger flashbacks and intrusive thoughts and cause startling and fear. EFT is an […]

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