Ingrid’s dream and vision

I have a dream…that some day, Veterans and their families, those who know what war truly means, will go out into the world and teach…

As you read in my Bio, I am not a Mental Health professional. I work as a certified EFT coach. EFT is my “weapon of choice” . As a Minister with the Universal Life Church, I see it as my mission to not judge, not condone and not excuse what happened in te past, but to help heal it.
As a Coach, my goal is to help those around me achieve their goals by overcoming their difficulties and making good and self directed choices for their lives.
In my experience, what is holding us back in our life is our response to unresolved traumatic events of the past. Or to be clearer: Not what happened, but how we feel about and react to what happened. In order to make good choices, we have to release those responses and come to a place of peace.
Seeing how limiting my fathers life was, even though he was amazingly capable to hide his memories of the three years as a POW in Russia, I came to the realization that we need to release the feeling of victimization. I know that this sounds very far fetched for many, especially many of my Veterans and their families, who have experienced and endured more than most people will ever understand.

But what EFT does so beautifully is, to take the emotional charge out of what happened, without judgment, without condoning or excusing what happened. It just allows for those memories to fade into the background and see life now in new colors.
You will read about astounding physical healings as well. I see this often, and it is a joy. There is no way to predict what the emotional release will cause. But there is so much hope out there that the work we do with EFT can be an important piece of a person’t healing process on many levels.

When our negative resopnse to the traumatic events in our life don’t stand in the way anymore, we can then begin to create the life we deserve. And I have this dream, that many Veterans will go out into the world, and teach…
With deep gratitude

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  1. That’s great. I’m going to look into more about that. If you’re interested in writing an article for ULC ministers about what you’d do, I’d be happy to include it in our seminary mailings. Shoot me an email. 🙂 –Amy