Curriculum Vitae

AAMET Certified EFT Trainer and Coach (2011)
EFT Cert-1 Certification (2010)
EFT-Advanced Certificate of Completion (2004)
EFT-Certificate of Completion (2003)  PACE Educational Systems, Inc.
Yoga Teacher Certification, (2006) Bija Ananda Yoga, Yoga Alliance USA
Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level III (2005)  Eric Pearl, DC and “The Reconnection”
Reconnective Healing Practitioner Level I-II (2005)  Eric Pearl, DC and “The Reconnection”
Reiki Master-Teacher (2002)
German Business degree (ass.): Gross – und Aussenhandels Kauffrau”
Art: Certified Gold – and Silversmith, 3 year apprenticeship and art school, Germany

Current Position:
Owner of “Healing Now”, “Transform For Success” and “EFT4Vets” (2002-present),
Success and Business Coach for transformatinal entrepreneurs
AAMET Level 3 EFT Certification Trainer and Mentor
Registration as rostered, alternative provider with the New Hampshire Board of Mental Health Practice (Board has no oversight over my practice)
Ordained Interfaith Minister with the Universal Life Church

Professional Experience:
Success and Business coaching since 2011
EFT Certification training and long term mentoring (AAMET), 2011
EFT-coaching of groups and private clients (2002-present)

Applying and teaching EFT to Combat Veterans and their families
Helping people  in transition set and reach authentic goals
EFT Trainer for advanced and alternative EFT workshops (2006-present)
EFT4Vets trainer since 2008
Teaching the AAMET EFT curriculum for Level I, II and III
Co-Moderator of the official EFT Forums for Trauma/ PTSD and Professionals (2007-present)
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) (2006-present)
Reconnective Healing Practitioner (2005-present)
REIKI Master-Teacher, Practitioner (2001- present)

Relevant Professional Training:
Live trainings with (excerpt):
Gary Craig, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr Carol Look, many others

Suzanne Evans, Lisa Sassevich, David Naegle, Monica Shah, Margaret Lynch, Pamela Bruner, Armand Morin, Connie Ragen Green, Jeanette Cates, Pat O’Brian, Joe Vitale, Page Stapleton and Brian Stark, others
Live workshops:
as above, plus:
“EFT and brainwaves” Gary Craig, Boston, MA, Sept. 2007
“EFT Master Showcase” EFT Masters, Boston, MA, Sept. 2007
“EFT Masters Boot Camp” Gary Craig, EFT Masters Denver, CO, Aug. 2006
“Mastering EFT” Gary Craig, Stamford, CT, Sept. 2005
“EFT for Serious Diseases” Gary Craig, others, Springfield, MO, Sept. 2004
“EFT and Nutrition Seminar” Gary Craig, Joseph Mercola, Chicago, IL, June 2004
ACEP Conference sessions and trainings 2008, 2009, 2010

Other  EFT trainings:
EFT Training DVDs sets 1-9 Gary Craig
DVDs, books and life presentations of Dr. Carol Look, Donna Eden and David Feinstein, Energy Psychology Press, others
EFT manuals from Patricia Carrington, Carol Look, Sandy Radomsky, others

Other Trainings (Excerpt):
Team Leader Training for Disaster Behavior Health Teams “DBHRT” 2010
Suicide Postvention training, NAMI, NH 2010
“Basic Training for Disaster Behavior Heath Teams” DBHRT, March 2010
“Military Culture Training” through New Hampshire Disaster Behavior Health
Response Team (DBHRT) and New Hampshire National Guard, February 2010
“Allergy Antidotes” Sandy Radomsky, ACEP conference, Albuquerque 2008

Teaching Experience:
50+ EFT Certification Trainings since 2006
Numerous large scale Tele seminars and Webinars, 2011
Presentations of EFT to active duty personnel and military family support groups pre- and post deployment (2008-current)
ACEP Annual International Conference: “EFT4Vets: Helping Veterans and their Families Heal with Emotional Freedom Techniques” San Diego,CA, June 2010
“Introduction to EFT” First annual DBHRT Conference, Concord, NH, 2010
ACEP Annual International Conference: “Effectively releasing Stress symptoms in Combat Veterans with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)” Florida, May 2009
35 EFT live seminars (2006-current)
15 EFT Specialty Workshops and Tele classes
“EFT for Veterans” weekend seminars
EFT Presentations for Veterans and families at the NH National Guard (2008)
EFT presentation for the Veterans Administration White River Junction (2007)


Research and Publications:
Church, D., others (2009), Psychological Trauma in Veterans using EFT: A Randomized Controlled Trial (2010)
Church, D., others (2009), The Treatment of Combat Trauma in Veterans using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): A Pilot Protocol, Traumatology,
Church, Dawson, Geronilla, Linda, Dinter, Ingrid (2009). Psychological symptom change in Veterans after six sessions of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).
International Journal for Healing and Caring (IJHC), January. 9:1
Dinter, Ingrid (2008). Veterans: Finding their way home with EFT. International Journal for Healing and Caring, September 8:3.
Dinter, I. (2009), Working with Military Service Members and Veterans: A Field Report of Obstacles and Opportunities”: Energy Psychology Press, November 1:
“EFT for War Veterans Study” as part of the “Operation: Emotional Freedom” documentary, published in “Traumatology” Gary Craig, March 2008
“Introducing EFT to Combat Veterans” chapter in Gary Craig’s Book “EFT for PTSD” Fulton, CA: Energy Psychology Press, 2008, page 228-234
Single case studies for EFT for Veterans (2008) Conjunction with Soul Medicine Institute (Published in the International Journal for Healing and Caring IJHC, 2008)
“Multi City Iraq Vets Stress Project” Soul Medicine Institute
E-Book and audio: “Helping Veterans and their families Heal with EFT”, Available on

Interviews (excerpt):
Overcome your fear of success, EFT Radio, 2013

“ EFT4Vets: Effectively helping Veterans and their Families Heal with EFT”:
ACEP Tele Class 09/2009
“EFT Radio” “EFT World Magazine”, others: 2009
“EFT for Veterans” and “EFT for military spouses”: (2008)
“EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques”: NH Magazine September 2008
“EFT for Combat Veterans” EFT Blogtalk Radio
“EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques”: WKXL February and May 2008


EFT Expert in Gary Craig’s film “Operation: Emotional Freedom” Veterans with PTSD, March 2008

Radio shows by Deutschlandfunk (DLF) National Radio, Germany:
Gottes Fuehrung zulassen (Allowing for divine guidance) DLF (2006)
Krankheit als Weg (Illness as a life path), DLF (2005)
Gott wirkt durch uns (God acts through us), DLF (2004)
Aber sprich nur ein Wort (Just say one word), DLF (2003)
Respekt vor Kindern (Respect for children), DLF (2002)
Reisen, Flucht oder Schule des Lebens (Traveling, a school of life), DLF (2001)
Mobbing, was tun (what to do about bullying), DLF (2000)
Fluechtlinge (Refugees), DLF (1998)

AAMET-Association for the Advancement of Energy Meridian Techniques (2011)
DBHRT-Disaster Behavior Health Response Team (2010)
ACEP-Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (since 2007)
NSA – National Speakers Association
Toastmasters International


EFT Coach Ingrid Dinter is the owner of EFT4Vets in Hopkinton, NH.

She is an Interfaith Minister and a rostered, alternative provider with the NH Board for Mental Health practice.*

Ingrid has studied EFT with Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, and received her EFT Cert-1 certification.  She has been using EFT since 2002.

As the daughter of a WWII Veteran, she specializes in helping Combat Veterans and their families heal from the trauma of war with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

She has developed  the EFT4Vets Training, which is specifically designed for Veterans and their families, as well as healing professionals and lay people who are involved in helping Veterans and military families heal from the trauma of war.

Ingrid has written more than 600 posts and published articles about EFT and EFT4Vets.

Ingrid participated as EFT specialist in the documentary “EFT for War Veterans”. Her work has been featured internationally in radio and print.

Ingrid is a passionate teacher of EFT4Vets and other EFT workshops, tele classes and 1:1 sessions, and available as a public speaker.

*The board has no  oversight over her practice.”

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  1. Tim we will talk. I am so glad you connected!

  2. Thank goodness! I discovered Ingrid on the EFT for Veterans documentary and series. As an EFT practitioner working with veterans I have been searching for resources/training that specifically equips me for this important work. And now I feel I’m on to something that has real healing potential. Thanks!