About this website

This website has been created to offer effective and confidential support:

  • for soldiers who are waiting for deployment, are currently overseas or have already come back, those who are struggling with the readjustment, and find it impossible to get back into their old life
  • for those who suffer from combat stress symptoms for those who suffer from insomnia and nightmares, who feel overwhelmed, scared and angry and have intrusive thoughts they can’t control
  • for those who feel too hopeless to reach out and get help
  • It is  for families who have a hard time adjusting to the changes in themselves and their spouses after returning from war
  • …and all those who wish to help them

EFT4Vets.com is not affiliated with the VA or the military.
It has been created by healing professionals who specialize in EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques , a unique combination of acupressure, affirmations and coaching, which has often shown to bring instant and lasting relief from traumatic memories.
EFT coaching does not replace the care and treatment through Medical Doctors and Mental Health Professionals.  Interested Veterans are required to continue the care they are currently receiving and to tell their Medical and Mental Health Team about the EFT coaching.

Please see our disclaimer for more detail.

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