About EFT4Vets

EFT4Vets has evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques “EFT”, a Tapping Technique developed by Gary Craig, as taught on www.emofree.com, and the EFT DVDs. However, the style and application taught in EFT4Vets is based on the insights and experience of Ingrid Dinter, owner of EFT4Vets in New Hampshire, and does not neccessarily reflect the opinion and teachings of Gary Craig or EFT. For a standard EFT training, please use the original EFT DVDs.

EFT4Vets is an EFT coaching training, customized to the needs of Veterans and their families. Traditional EFT techniques are combined with highly evolved specific applications, which help a Veteran even with severe trauma to find peace without getting retraumatized. EFT4Vets beliefs that every Veteran and his/her family deserves EFT support after returning from war. War changes people, and these changes are often very hard to deal with. One does not have to have clinical symptoms or diagnosable issues to deserve EFT.

Dealing with the overwhelm, sadness, grief and fear of the future are not a clinical diagnosis, but they need to be released, so that the Veterans and their families can find effective and positive ways to embrace their new lives and move forward with confidence.

EFT4Vets offers healing seminars and 1:1 sessions for Veterans and their families, and those who wish to help them. Using a gentle Tapping Technique, combined with customized and appropriate affirmations, EFT4Vets has the power to release traumatic memories and negative beliefs,  and even many physical symptoms.

Scientific research, conducted by Soul Medicine Institute has shown, that EFT brings effective, long lasting positive results with issues like insomnia, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, withdrawal, grief, hyper viglience, rage and anger and many others. Anekdotal evidence has even shown improvement with TBI, fine motor skills and others.

EFT4Vets is a coaching technique, which is goal oriented and does not require any background in mental health. EFT can be easily learned and self applied by anybody, even children.

Therefore, EFT4Vets can be used from soldier to soldier at the frontlines and back home, by spouses and parents at night, when a nightmares are haunting and intrusive thoughts don’t let the soldier rest.

Workshops for EFT and Veterans specific issues are available. Please contact us for more information.

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