Funny video – sorry, couldn’t help myself :-)


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2 Responses to “Funny video – sorry, couldn’t help myself :-)”

  1. Dear Susan,
    oh goodness, yes, if you see the patient as a soldier, I can imagine how you could feel this way. Sorry if this hurts your feelings, it certainly wasn’t posted in an offensive way. I was actually forwarded the link by some of my Marine friends, and they thought it was hilarious how the Drill Sargent tried to be a therapist with the mindset of – well, a Drill Sargent. They took no offense in it at all.
    It might even be enlightening in how the client, who is obviously going through some deep issues, is just expected to toughen up and get over it without being heard, acknowledged or helped. He is rather getting intimidated into not speaking about his trauma, and I know from many of my Veterans that they have experienced the same thing. What is your experience?

  2. Susan at

    I think this belittles soldiers with PTSD and makes light of it. Calling us “crybabies” doesn’t go very far in the “healing” direction. I think it’s in poor taste. The first time I saw it, I didn’t even get it…it’s not funny.