Sandi Radomski donates programs to help Veterans with allergies

Allergy Antidotes, Ask and ReceiveSandi Radomski is one of the most innovative EP (Energy Psychology) practitioners that I know. Ever since I  watched her presentation on Gary Craig’s DVDs, It was very clear to me that she is passionate about her work with allergies and releasing blocks, and she is just as passionate about sharing generously what she knows with others.

I was fortunate enough to attend several workshops with her during the recent ACEP conferences, and when I learned that many troops suffer from allergies at the front lines, and what an impact this  has on their performance and morale, I asked Sandi if she was willing to donate her Allergy Antidotes manuals, so that the troops could help themselves and each other at the front lines.

Sandi not only donated both, the beginners and advanced manuals, which usually sell for $30.- each on, but she also offered to give access to her new technique: “Ask and Receive”. This technique is a fascinating offspring of EP (Energy Psychology), as it contains no tapping, but only a gentle communication with the body, paired with muscle testing.

Her results are wonderful, and I love the gentle and respectful communication that is taking place between practitioner and client.

Last week at the ACEP conference in San Diego, I shared with her the honor and gratitude that the troops felt when they realized that one of  their idols (they were watching Gary Craig’s DVDs at the frontlines) gave such a personal gift.

Last night, I received another email from Sandi, and I’d like to share it with you.

I am now trying to find the best place for her donation, so that it can help many others heal from allergies.

Here is Sandi’s email:

I enjoyed meeting you at ACEP.  I was very moved by your reporting how appreciative the vets were of receiving my manuals.  It was the first time I really realized the significance of treating allergic reactions so that no one has to suffer from them on the front lines. In order to help, I would like to make my new Laser Manual, Laser DVD and an eTox laser available to you to distribute.  We can send the Laser manual electronically but the DVD and laser need to be sent by snail mail.  Please let me know where to send them.  Keep up your good work.

With Love and Gratitude,


Sandra Radomski, ND, L.C.S.W.

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