How military families can use EFT to help Veterans with PTSD

Helping Veterans with PTSD is something that many people wish to be able to do now. The Veterans administration (VA) offers programs, however, according to several studies; most of the returning troops prefer not to use the VA for mental health services.

One of the reasons for this is that they believe that their “family and friends would be more helpful than a mental health professional” (Rand 2008).

Given those numbers, it stands out of question that offers have to be made that are easily acceptable for the returning troops, and that match what they experience as comfortable and effective.

Since the studies indicate that a significant percentage of returning troops who are expected to show symptoms of trauma prefer to talk to lay people with no background in mental health, we are facing a great need to find ways to support the military families and friends with techniques that are as successful as they are safe and easy to learn.

In addition, it is to be noticed that many troops describe “PTSD” as a symptom of the soul, not as a mental health condition. They don’t want to be judged for their actions and experiences in war, and find great healing in compassionate sharing amongst each other, and the unconditional acceptance amongst brothers in war.

Given those circumstances, we need tools that can, but don’t have to be offered in a spiritual context, that can be used amongst brothers in war, in private support groups, families and as a self help tool by those who don’t want to reach out even to those that they love.

We need to rethink the support that we offer the Veterans and returning troops, and include helping and supporting those who are currently carrying the majority of the load: The Families, military buddies, friends and community members. New healing techniques that don’t require a background in mental health, but rather focus on the soldier’s description of war trauma as a symptom of the soul are necessary.

Remember that whatever communities, family or professionals offer can only be as good as it is accepted by the returning troops and Veterans. Effective techniques which can be used by lay people are necessary to support those who right now do the majority of the healing: The families and friends of returning soldiers.

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One Response to “How military families can use EFT to help Veterans with PTSD”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree. Having a family member who returned from war and knowing he didn’t want to “see” anyone at the VA about what he had experienced or been through I think it’s a great idea. I’m a post-trauma life coach and also an EFT Practitioner and I think that if our military would allow this and give it support it would be a tremendous help to our soldiers who return and who do need some sort of help but don’t want to see a “shrink” and don’t want to be judged. There is NO judgement in coaching or EFT. I totally back this! Let me know what I can do! Thank you for writing this blog. I appreciate you for spreading the word!