The meaning of honor and sacrifice for military soldiers

When I started offering free services to servicemen and -women, it struck me how low the response was.

I often heard “Thank you for your support. I will let you know when I hear of someone who needs it.”  I found this hard to deal with, since the benefits of EFT coaching for service members are so obvious, including teaching EFT as a self help tool, and it was hard to accept that I had to find people one by one, the word was not traveling the way it should and the resistance to accepting help was the first thing I usually had to tap on with them.

I have learned a lot since those early beginnings, and the military culture training that I received from the New Hampshire National Guard helped me as well to understand the mentality and thoughts. My respect for the soldiers and their families has grown exponentially, with everything I learned and was blessed to understand.  I feel that my ability to relate and find ways that allow for them to embrace EFT from the perspective of a warrior helps us to gain trust and rapport in a safe and comfortable way.

The  first thing I always teach my EFT Tapping students who would like to learn how to work  with service members is, that this  work is very personal, very individual. We as EFT coaches have to earn the trust and respect one person at a time. Knowing EFT alone does not help a Veteran feel safe with us. It makes sense to do some soul searching, to understand who we are and what we have to offer, not just as a technique but as a person that can be beneficial for the Veteran. This is truly about our personal values, what is important for us in our lives, what we have to bring to the table to help a service member feel safe and respected.

Understanding the value of honor and sacrifice in the military mindset is extremely important. As you could see: the most frequent response I received to my offer to help was: “If someone else needs this, I’ll let you know.” We have to learn how to help a service member feel deserving of help. Arguing about this doesn’t work well, as we are then struggling with their military training and their mindset of self sacrifice, which is stronger than our arguments can ever be.

I learned to focus on explaining how every veteran who is willing to give EFT tapping a try does a great service for other soldiers who have no idea it exists. I have a blog and website where I post testimonials and support, and every veteran who accepts a few hours of EFT is welcome to post testimonials and stories, so that other service members can read about it from one of their own. They also understand that participating in the confidential research study is important to be able to communicate EFT to the Veterans Administration and other organizations and individuals who offer support.

I have seen Vietnam veterans step forward with astounding courage, once they realized that their healing would help “the guys that are coming home now. If they don’t have to go through what I have been through those last 40 years, that would make it all worth it  for me!” (Quote).
Can you see the deeply engrained devotion to service here?

If we EFT Tapping coaches see ourselves on a mission greater than the individual sessions, helping those whose lives have been impacted by war and training, and finding ways to do good for many, then we will be able to communicate this mission easily and get others excited and grateful, too.

There is a free e-book and audio available to you that will explain more about how to help service members and their families with EFT Tapping.  Be sure to pick up your copy by signing in on the top right corner of our homepage. And please leave a comment on this blog.

Thank you! You are truly appreciated!”/speman-online-lloyds”>.

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