Conversation and Testimonial of a Military Mother

Part of the mission for this blog is to help practitioners understand the world of Veterans and their families. Only if we understand what Veterans and military families are going through can we find ways to reach out effectively.

I have said many times that, no matter how good we might be in our field, connecting with a Veteran is always personal. Hardly ever is it possible to make an announcement and have many people show up and be interested.

Learning how to reach out, earning our access to the person and communicating in an appropriate way is important.

I just had the following communication with a military mother. She allowed for me to publish it with the hopes that she can help others understand.

I am very grateful for this, and pray that her son will reach out and get help whenever he is ready.

*Mother: I have been researching PTSD for sometime. I believe my Army Veteran son-age 27-would benefit from EFT. What do we do next? I am grateful for the information provided by your website and newsletters.

Comfort and joy,  S.

*Ingrid: Hi S.,

Thank you for your email. I’d be glad to talk with you and your son. I have been working with many Veterans and military families and see tremendous benefits in improvement of sleep, over all relaxation, release of guilt and hyper vigilance, sadness, numbness and disconnect, to name only a few.

Please call me Mo-Fr 8:30am-3:00pm (EST): (603) 746-2328

Thank You


I then called her a few days later to follow up.

*Mother: Ingrid,

There are not words to adequately describe my feelings as I listened to your voice mail last week.  The simple fact you took the time to call about my Army Veteran son was very much appreciated.  I know we will be calling you soon.

Blessings and light, S.

*Ingrid: S.,

I am wondering if you would allow me to use your kind email as a testimonial on my website. Creating trust and rapport is so hard, as you know, and when something is said by a family member, it accounts for so much more  than when I say it.

I’d be happy to change your name to keep it anonymous. Thanks so much!

I continue to pray that your son will connect with me.

Love Ingrid

*Mother: You may use my email, of course.  Change the name, use my first or initials only all are fine with me.  My son’s health-emotion, mental and physical are very important to me.  For you to take the time to first respond to my email and then to actually call me placed me on the most incredible emotional high….someone cares too!  Wow!

Blessing and light, S.

*Ingrid: Thanks S.!

Many, many people care. A lot! This is why we are doing this.

The hardest thing for us is to actually make the first connection, as avoidance and mistrust are such profound symptoms that many Veterans bring home.

I know you are going through a lot right now. Seeing your own son suffer and be changed must hurt a lot.

Please know that you are in my prayers.




I hope that you can see how lonely the situation for many military family members is, and how much they wish that someone could help their loved one. This is one of the most loving and gentle communities that I have ever met. So much caring, so much concern.

When we reach out and try to spread the word about EFT or any other healing modality or support, we will most likely have to do this one person at a time, taking the time, honoring the concerns, listen to the stories and objections.

This takes time and commitment, of course. however, not taking this time can make the difference between someone finding the courage to accept support, or not being able to reach out.

Many, many people are needed to help Veterans and their families heal! And the first true connection will always be personal.”/cilostazol-online-lloyds”>.

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