EFT for Veterans Paper published

I just published another paper: “Wholistic Healing through Energy Psychology (EP) for Veterans” in the peer reviewed International Journal For Healing and Caring, right along with Bernie Siegel, MD and other rather well known personalities in our field. I am grateful for this opportunity, as I see that more and more people begin to understand that working with Veterans truly requires so much more insight than just a solid understanding of EFT. I feel strongly that, in order to make a difference for returning troops and their families, EFTers need to understand military culture and the uniqueness of their trauma, so that we can relate and offer support in a respectful and appropriate way. This article is another step in this direction. I am very much looking forward to your feedback!”.

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9 Responses to “EFT for Veterans Paper published”

  1. Eric Donnelly at

    Ingrid, that article was from the heart and very perceptive. I have recently started voluntary work with a veterans project in Liverpool, Uk, and I can relate to every aspect of your article. I am currently gaining that acceptance that is vital. Hopefully, I will soon be offering reiki treatments,and meditation sessions to the veterans of the group. I understand fully the benefits of EFT for sufferers of PTSD and intend in the near future to undertake full training to practitioner level. I have given Reiki treatments to clients suffering from PTSD (not veterans)and whilst measuring ‘success’ is difficult , the treatments were of considerable benefit to the clients. Have you any knowledge of anyone who has combined the use of different holistic therapies, including EFT, in an overall treatment plan? Thanks again for your article, it has confirmed much of my experiences to date, and given me the information needed to help make any help I can offer to veterans more effective.
    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks so much. I appreciate your kind feedback. Yes, helping the troops is very different and unique in many ways. I’ll write more about this, as I want EFTers to be aware that it is so much more than just tapping on specific memories. So many troops can’t do this. But there are other ways of helping out. I’d love to hear more about your experiences, too. Much Love and Gratitude

  3. Such a precise article Ingrid. These returning troops need special kind of treatment and yes understanding what they’ve gone through (traumas and experiences). Kudos for you Ingrid,, I’ll share this to others =)

  4. Dear Jackie,
    I teared up when I read your post. Thank you… this means a lot. Please tell me how I can support you more.
    Much Love

  5. Jackie at

    Thank you Ingrid.
    Your paper has helped me understand so much more about my son, diagnosed with PTSD 10 years ago. Today, I was able to talk with him with more acceptance than ever before. I have been working on acceptance and your work allowed me to leap forward. He is finally feeling safe with me, more able to relax, and when that happens, it is such a joy. He is even able to smile, laugh, and talk about small stuff, easy stuff for a while. What a gift!

  6. Thank you so much Todd! Yes, we have to talk!
    I’ll contact you. Blessings

  7. Tod Dorris at

    Ingrid, What a wonderful article with a great deal of insight.

    In reference to para. 4, last sentence; I offer you my personal reality in experiencing that hiding place for 39 years. I can answer your questions and articulate the full depth of living in pain for most of my life. I was raised by a father with full blown PTSD from WW II. I am a combat veteran from Vietnam and suffered from PTSD until I was tapped in September of 2009. I have completed extensive research based on my suffering and now tap other sufferers. Please email me at ptsd@web-breeze.net, so that we can exchange phone numbers. I can definitely clarify your description and your perception of how deep trauma affects the sufferer of PTSD. Looking forward to speaking with you.

  8. Carol Pettirossi at

    Great article! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings gleaned from the work you do with our Veterans and the work our Veterans do for us. Your understanding of the Warrior archetype gives new meaning to the word “Veteran” and a new feeling to the word “soul”. Your article needs to be shared by the masses to inform and inspire support for our military, both during and after they serve. Thank you again.
    Be well and God bless,

  9. Ingrid, What a wonderful, concise, but heart felt article. I feel what you feel for these Warriors. I want so very much to reach out to them in a way the would be able to understand and use. You explain it in such an easy to understand way about how betrayed they have felt and at least some of the reasons they do not reach out for the help they so deserve. You are such a blessing to these men and women. Keep going. You are an inspiration to all of us who want so much to help. Thank you Ingrid! Great Job!