What is Brotherhood – For powerful facts about PTSD from war correspondent Sebastian Junger

Please watch this Ted talk: http://www.vox.com/2015/5/15/8608091/facts-about-PTSD   It will help you understand better why young men want to re-enlist, and the power of brotherhood in war. You will understand better that combat isn’t something that civilians can really understand unless they have been there. I believe that this mindset: Knowing where our place is as […]

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EFT for PTSD – War Trauma – Handed Down Through The Generations

Most people of my generation were raised by parents who had extensive war trauma.┬áMy father was a POW for three years in Russia during WWII. His mother died from a wound while he was gone. My Grandfather served in WWI and II. My mother’s family were refugees. Memories they never overcame. War was present at […]

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EFT For Emergency Response – DBHRT Presentation

On February 8th, I was invited by the DBHRT, the Disaster Behavior Health Response Team of New Hampshire, to give a presentation about how to use EFT in shelters. As a DBHRT Team Leader, I am grateful that EFT is now available to Behavior Health Volunteers in the state of New Hampshire and beyond. Since […]

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Help for Veterans Radio Interview EFT for Veterans

Please listen to this Radio interview: http://www.silverliningvillages.org/#/thinktalk-radio-show/4557666377 Veterans can receive help from so many resources. Silverliningvillages in Georgia can help homeless Veterans who want to find peace and create a new life that works for them. Listen to internet radio with SilverLiningVillages on Blog Talk Radio

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Anger Management for PTSD: Three Steps to Transforming Rage with EFT Coaching- EFT Podcast

Anger Management is a very important skill for returning troops and their families, as well as those who want to help them.

In my experience, rage happens when a person had to endure situations that are unforgivable, inexcusable and that violate what he/she believes in.
I have yest to see a soldier that is not outraged about something that he saw, was exposed to , did or couldn’t prevent from happening.
Even though EFT can take the charge out of those memories, in my experience, there are three steps necessary to truly heal rage:
Acknowledgement of what happened without judgment
Releasing the intensity with EFT tapping
Transformation of the experience, to find a deeper meaning and new purpose.
Please click on the link below to listen to the EFT Tapping podcast interview with Ingrid Dinter, conducted by Jondi Whitis from TapFest Radio

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